ABOUT Styrelseakademien
StyrelseAkademien is Europe's second largest and fastest growing board institute with over 8,000 members around the country. We help you make a difference in the boardroom through training, certification in board work, board mediation, opinion formation and networking. As a member, you can subscribe to emails with advertisements for vacant board assignments. But first and foremost, you are offered an exciting mix of network meetings and knowledge-raising training, seminars and breakfast meetings, which are an excellent way to exchange experiences, make valuable contacts and broaden the future recruitment base.

Certified Board Member
The transfer of knowledge and competence in board work has always been an important part of StyrelseAkademien's work. Since we introduced a special certification in Board Work in 2009, we have grown to become Sweden's leading board educator, with very satisfied course participants. Plan your own personal knowledge journey in corporate governance and board work with us. We equip you as an owner for value-creating board work. We help you as a member or chairman to make a difference in the boardroom. It does not matter if you are aiming for your first board assignment, are in the middle of a board career or have already reached the top. There are quality-assured educations at all levels and for all types of companies - from small and medium-sized, to listed corporations. The digital certificates are distributed using TRUE - a service for secure digital documents. Click to view and verify a certificate.